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/ Fur Slippers for your husband

My husband of 5 years says: "It's a pity you didn't make them Slippers for a little piggy Bank, but for a pond." That's right, when our supplies of fur began to run out, we began to search for suitable gifts for the well-being and well-being ... Read further

/ A toy that you can buy in the store for science fairs

I accidentally saw an artificial inlet in the channel, my daughter was upset that there was no current water heater In our village there was a water heater, so we decided to keep it in the range 1-2 degrees Celsius (not much is enoug... Read further

/ Autumn bouquet for a kindergarten

Here is such a bouquet of fruits in the form of a bouquet for kindergarten could be made for my child. The reason why I didn't do it earlier was that I did not have the time to do it such a composition. However, today we have a bouquet that w... Read further

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